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BC construction site with towers under construction

In a significant move aimed at improving working conditions for construction workers across British Columbia, the provincial government has announced an upcoming mandate requiring flushable toilets on construction sites with 25 or more employees.

What is the New Mandate?

portable outhouses with no running water or ability to flush
Premier David Eby recently announced that the B.C. government will legally require construction companies to provide flush toilets with running water on job sites with 25 employees or more. This mandate aims to address longstanding concerns about the lack of adequate sanitary facilities for construction workers, particularly given the unsanitary and undignified conditions of many existing chemical toilets.

Why is it Happening?

The push for flushable toilets on construction sites stems from a recognition of the basic need for decent working conditions for construction workers. Premier Eby emphasized the importance of providing a clean and hygienic environment for workers, stating that access to flushing toilets is a fundamental requirement for a decent job site. The announcement comes in response to mounting pressure from unions, including the BC Building Trades Council, which represents over 40,000 unionized construction workers in the province. Concerns about health and safety, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, have further underscored the need for improved sanitary facilities on construction sites.

What Can You Do to Get Ahead of It?

portable flushable bathrooms for construction sites

As the mandate for flushable toilets on construction sites approaches, construction companies need to take proactive steps to ensure compliance. One crucial action is to invest in portable bathrooms equipped with flushable toilets, such as those offered by Modpro. These portable bathrooms not only meet the upcoming regulatory requirements but also offer numerous benefits for construction sites, including remote locations. Modpro’s flushable toilets are designed to provide maximum comfort and hygiene for workers, helping to create a more pleasant and productive work environment. Additionally, for companies looking to add a fleet of rental bathrooms to their offerings, Modpro’s flushable toilets are an excellent choice for catering to construction companies in need of compliant facilities.

The upcoming mandate for flushable toilets on construction sites in British Columbia represents a significant step towards improving the working conditions and dignity of construction workers. By preparing in advance and investing in portable bathrooms with flushable toilets, construction companies can not only ensure compliance with the new regulations but also contribute to a safer and more comfortable work environment for their employees. Modpro offers a range of portable bathroom solutions that are ideal for construction sites of all sizes, including remote locations. Get ahead of the mandate and make the switch to our portable executive bathrooms.

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