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A shipping container office is a modern-day solution for many business owners who require an office but face hurdles such as location, space, and affordability limiting their options with conventional offices.

Surprisingly Affordable

Building, leasing or even renting an office space is not always within everyone’s budget. Factors such as the current real estate market, location, and space requirements can all play a huge factor in determining the cost of leasing or renting an office space, often this can be costly and not within every business’ needs. Shipping container offices are an affordable option for many new business owners who need their first office or businesses that are rapidly expanding and need some additional room as they grow. Due to the fact that our shipping container offices are custom built from new and used shipping containers, most of the structural construction is already done, allowing us to have your office built fast and for an affordable price. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Business owner calculating the affordable cost of a shipping container office.

Environment Friendly

Shipping container offices are not only a smart financially friendly, they are also eco-friendly too!
Shipping containers are built and used to transport cargo across the world, often on large sea vessels. Due to their in-expensive cost to make, these containers are often only used once or twice to transport goods, often leaving thousands of these empty at ports across the world. Building a custom office is the perfect way to recycle these unused shipping containers, benefiting both you and the environment.

Fully Customizable

All of our shipping container offices are fully customizable to suit not only your needs but your vision as well. Whether it be windows, electrical, insulation or heating we can have your custom modification done quickly and easily. The inside of your new office won’t look like a dark steel box, in fact, it’s often hard to tell the difference from a regular office from the inside. From light fixtures to the walls and even the floor each element can be modified to make your office perfect.

Extremely Durable

Shipping containers by nature are very durable as they are built to protect and transfer valuable cargo over very long distances. Shipping containers are made of Corten Steel Sheets that are corrugated to provide additional structural integrity, allowing them to not only hold an impressive amount of weight but also stack as many as 8 fully loaded containers on top of one another. Due to the fact that shipping containers are often used to transport cargo across the ocean, they are built to be water and wind tight and can withstand winds up to 100 mph.

Conveniently Portable

One of the most convenient things about a shipping container office is that they are portable. By nature shipping containers were meant to be moved around and relocated via cranes, forklifts, or loaders, it comes as no surprise that these offices are not only easy to move but designed to be moved. A shipping container office is the perfect option for remote businesses who need a structure or two but aren’t looking for any permanent structure or a fast-growing business that has already outgrown their current building/space and needs some extra office space. Due to their size, shipping container offices can be placed virtually anywhere as they are often no wider than a parking stall.

Easily Scalable

The two most common sized shipping containers are 20’ by 8’ and 40’ by 8’. The great thing about a modified shipping container office is that you can scale your office as needed for your business. We can customize your shipping container office to be multiple containers in length or width to accommodate your business’ needs.

Open & Spacious

Shipping containers are quite spacious as they are designed to hold and transport either very large cargo or a very large amount of cargo, sometimes even both. On its own, a 40’ shipping container boasts a spacious 320 square feet providing a comfortable workspace for a small team. By combining several containers into a single office, we are able to not only increase the square footage but also remove walls and open the office, even more, creating a more modern open-concept layout.

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