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Portable Executive

Our portable executive bathrooms are the perfect solution for remote businesses who prefer a more high-end portable washroom over a standard porta-pottie. Made out of a shipping container our washrooms are portable, compact and comfortable.

Portable & Comfortable

Our executive portable washrooms bring the comfort you’d expect from a standard office bathroom, to a remote job site or location. Just as portable as a porta-pottie but much more comfortable.

Compact and portable executive bathrooms made from a shipping container
Plug and play electrical for shipping container bathroom portable executive bathroom

Plug & Play Electrical

Each of our portable executive bathrooms come with plug & play electrical pre-installed, giving you the added convenience to simply run an extension cord to power the whole system.

Safe & Secure

Secure locks on both the interior and exterior of the doors ensures privacy during use and added security when not in use. 

Locked doors with key for added security for the shipping container washrooms. portable executive bathroom

Full Plumbing

Our executive bathrooms are equipped with state of the art Saniflo macerating toilets and full plumbing, allowing for flushing toilets and sinks with running water. All of the plumbing and waste management is neatly hidden behind both stalls allowing for maximum room and comfort.

Heated & Ventilated

Say goodbye to the downfalls of the porta-pottie, no more cold seats and no more nauseating smells. Along with flushable toilets, our bathrooms are well ventilated and well heated.

Additional Amenities

Our executive washrooms come with the common comforts you are used to, from sinks with running water, mirrors, toilet paper & paper towel holders, and interior lighting. Additional modifications are available upon request, feel free to contact us.

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